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Occupational Safety and Health of Kai Shing Professionally Recognised by Awards at ˇ§Construction Safety Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony 2012ˇ¨
Release Date: 10/08/2012

Kai Shing Management Services Limited (Kai Shing) is devoted in promoting occupational safety and health, ensuring employees can work under a safe and healthy environment through optimizing equipment and conducting safety education. Recently, Kai Shing won various awards at "Construction Safety Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony 2012", with New Town Plaza receiving the Gold Award for Best Property Management Company in Occupational Safety and Health, and Bronze Award for Best Performance Award (Property Management Company in Occupational Safety and Health). Furthermore, International Commerce Center also won the Gold Award for Best Fall Arresting Safety Enhancement Program for Working at Height, establishing the outstanding performance of Kai Shing at occupational safety and health, the professional standard of which is widely recognized and approved by the industry.

"Construction Safety Forum and Award Presentation Ceremony 2012" was co-organized by Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC), and 17 organizations and government departments. The campaign received a total of 348 entries competing for a range of awards related to occupational safety, with the aim of promoting the standard of occupational safety and health for the construction and property management industry, simultaneously creating a safety culture with enhanced awareness of safety issues in the community.

Kai Shing initiates in introducing different safety management elements with comprehensive supporting measures, proactively creating a safe working environment to maintain a low number of incidents, benefiting clients, staff, contractors, and visitors. Its shopping malls would regularly conduct "Safety Gathering" with the principles of "simple, relaxing and interactive". At this gathering, employees would analyze and identify potential hazards together and give advice on preventive measures before each assignment. Technical staff would also volunteer to join the safety training programme organized by OSHC and Labour Department, upholding the safety and healthiness at the working environment. In addition, Kai Shing has instituted a programme fostering a safety culture for staff working at height in reference to international fall prevention standards, offering advanced fall protection equipment to staff. Kai Shing will continue to develop more diversified safety management measures to create a safe and healthy working environment.
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