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12/11/2019 Professional Services Enhance Property Values Talented Professionals Propel Industry Growth
30/10/2019 7 Properties under Kai Shing and Supreme management were awarded with honors in "CIBSE Hong Kong Awards 2019"
27/09/2019 Kai Shing Got 24 Gold Awards in the Program of Umbrella Bags Reduction by "Greeners Action"
24/07/2019 6 properties managed by Kai Shing honorably achieved awards & Outstanding Security Personal (Gold Award) in "2018 Kowloon West Best Security Services"
28/06/2019 Soaring to a new height in environmental achievement, Kai Shing Won 1 Gold 2 Bronze Awards in 2018 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards
28/05/2019 Kai Shing won the Silver & Bronze Awards in the prestigious "HSBC Living Business SDGs Awards 2018" with fully transcended service quality
27/05/2019 Kai Shing was Presented the Highest Recognition at Occupational Health Award 2018-19
08/05/2019 Kai Shing's 12th Gold Award in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
04/03/2019 Kai Shing Management Services Limited won the ¡§Employer of Choice Award¡¨ and "Appreciation Culture Award" presented by JobMarket
27/02/2019 Kai Shing Won Various Awards in "The 6th Best Property Safety Management Award"
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